Frequently Asked Questions

    This is an application to become a participant of ISFiT 2021 which will be held in Trondheim, Norway from 11.02 to 22.02, 2021.
    It will be automatically saved as you are writing your application. You may refresh the page to make sure it is saved. For submission, you can click on the [Submit] button found at the bottom of the last application page. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to edit your application once you have submitted.
    ISFiT 2021 is constantly working to plan the best possible festival that fits the current situation. A part of this plan is to establish some digital alternatives. The idea is to host live streams from part of the Cultural Program as well as the Student Peace Prize. Further information regarding these digital events will be updated in the future. However, we cannot confirm this at the moment.
    Participants spend their days attending workshops that relate to the theme "Creating Knowledge’. You can see information about the workshop options in the ‘Workshop’ tab. At the workshops, you will have discussions with other students about relevant topics, and participate in a variety of activities. In addition to the workshops, you will attend talks from international speakers, and cultural events such as concerts, theatre performances, and comedy nights. And of course, there will be parties and social events with the ISFiT volunteers and students of Trondheim!
    You must be a student at least the age of 18 living in Norway. You also must have an active student status throughout this festival period and should be able to communicate in English.
    If you are invited to attend the Dialogue Seminar, all your expenses will be covered by ISFiT. This includes travel expenses, three meals a day and accomodation. Essentially, all participant costs will be covered during ISFiT21, except for any additional/alternate food you would like to buy, and non-essential purchases such as souvenirs. Some optional events on the cultural program, such as concerts, also require that you purchase tickets to attend. However, there will always be something fun and free for you to take part in!