Frequently asked questions:

When will I find out the outcome of my application?

All applicants to ISFiT19 have now been contacted with an outcome.


Successful applicants have been given an invitation letter with all relevant information.


If you applied for ISFiT19, including those that were placed on a waiting list, and have not received an email containing an invitation letter from us, it means that you were unfortunately not chosen as one of the participants for the upcoming festival. There were many great applicants, and it was not an easy task to decide who to accept. ISFiT is held every second year, so you are very welcome to apply again in two years! Unfortunately we cannot provide personal feedback on the outcome of your application. Emails requesting this will not be answered.


If you have not received any outcome from us, you can send an email to



Will I be given financial aid to attend the festival?

It is specified in the invitation letter whether you will receive financial aid or not.

If the following is stated in your invitation letter, it means that you will not receive financial aid from ISFiT for travel costs: “ISFiT is, however, unable to provide you with any financial support for travel costs to and from the festival. You are required to cover the cost of travel from your home country to Trondheim and back”.

ISFiT regrets that we cannot provide financial aid to all participants. If you are still in need of financial aid please read the information we have provided about Rotary Clubs, and apply for financial aid through your local Rotary Club.

When will I find out which workshop I have been placed in?

Workshop placements will be finalised in January 2019. 

You will be able to see which workshop you have been placed in by logging in to this website.

What expenses will I have during the festival in Trondheim?

All applicants will be provided with accommodation for the duration of the ISFiT19. You will be placed with a host family in Trondheim, where you will have the chance to meet Trondheim locals and students and be a part of the community.


Participants will also be provided with three meals every day for no cost. Breakfast is provided by your host family, and lunch and dinner are provided at your events during the festival. Food provided during ISFiT19 is of high quality, and dietary restrictions and requirements will be met for all participants. However, be aware that most of the food you are served will be of Norwegian style, and therefore may be different from what you are accustomed to.


Travel from Trondheim Vaernes airport into Trondheim City will be covered by the festival (and from Trondheim City to Trondheim Vaernes Airport at the end of ISFiT19), and all participants will receive a free bus pass to cover all travel within Trondheim.


Essentially, all participant costs will be covered during ISFiT19, except for any additional/alternate food you would like to buy, and non-essential purchases such as souvenirs. Some optional events on the cultural program, such as concerts, also require that you purchase tickets to attend. However, there will always be something fun and free for you to take part in!

When do I have to complete the checklist on the front page?

You must fill in the checklist with your travel and visa details by the 1st of January.

If you have not filled out this list by the 1st of January, your invitation to ISFiT19 will be revoked. 

Will the transfer costs from and to the airport of Trondheim be covered by ISFiT19?

ISFiT19 will cover the transfer costs from Værnes Airport toTrondheim and from Trondheim to Værnes Airport.

If you have been chosen to be part of ISFiT rail, it will be free of charge. However, the cost of your return trip from Trondheim will have to be covered by you. If you will return by plane, your transfer costs from Værnes Airport to Trondheim will be covered.

Can I get any discounts on flights to Norway to attend ISFiT19?


ISFiT19 is now a registered partner of SkyTeam Global, and through this link ( you can get discounts on flights with SkyTeam partners of up to 15%!


You can also go to, Click on "Attend your event" and enter your unique event ID 4026S.


If you have any issues with this code or the SkyTeam website, you must contact SkyTeam for assistance, as ISFiT does not manage this page or the deals and we cannot help you with the logistics.


Additionally, both SAS and Norwegian Airlines provide discounts for students under 26. SAS also provides discounts for students who book through or STA Travel. You should contact airline companies for further information on whether they offer student discounts.

I need a signed invitation letter for my visa application, how can I get one?

If you have been advised during your visa application that you must have a signed invitation letter from ISFiT, please contact us on and we will send you one.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

To change or find our your password, click on the 'Change password' button on the front page.

What will I do during ISFiT?

Participants spend their days attending workshops that relate to the theme ‘Migration’. You can see information about the workshop options in the ‘workshops’ tab. Here you will have discussions with other students about relevant topics, and participate in a variety of activities. In addition to the workshops you will attend talks from international speakers, and cultural events such as concerts, theatre performances, and comedy nights. And of course, there will be parties and social events with the ISFiT volunteers and students of Trondheim!

A more detailed overview of your ISFiT19 itinerary will be available in January and will be made available on this website.

If you require a detailed schedule for your visa application, please contact us by email and we can send a general schedule to you

What is the registration number of ISFiT as a non-profit organization?

ISFiT is registered as a non-profit organization under the name STIFTELSEN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FESTIVAL IN TRONDHEIM STIFTELSEN ISFIT, with the number 975 382 516. For more information, you can check the following website:

What is Trondheim like?

Trondheim is a small and beautiful city, situated on the banks of a fjord, and surrounded by mountains. Its proximity to so many natural areas makes the city a hub for outdoor sports and adventures, and many of the residents can be found in the surrounding mountains on the weekend. The city has a vibrant student life, and many options for entertainment. As a participant you will get to experience both of these aspects of Trondheim. You can attend concerts and cultural events around the city and join in student parties at Studentersamfundet (Student Society), the centre of student life, and you will also get a chance to experience the beautiful Norwegian mountains and try out some skiing!


Please be aware that the weather in February is ALWAYS below zero degrees Celsius. It is likely to be snowing. For this reason you should pack only warm clothing, including warm and waterproof shoes. If you do not own warm clothing, you will be provided with any clothing that you need during the festival. This clothing will be borrowed, and must be returned at the end of the festival. If you own your own cold weather clothing, you should bring it to ensure you have the right size and the most comfortable clothing possible.

What is Rotary, and how can I apply for financial aid through Rotary Clubs?

Rotary is an international organisation that assists with many projects around the world. 

ISFiT19 is in collaboration with Rotary International, and they will consider all applications for financial aid from ISFiT applicants. 

You should access this website, where you can search for your local Rotary Club. You need to research and submit this application yourself, and ISFiT cannot help with submitting the Rotary financial aid application. If your local Rotary requires you to fill in an application, this application form may be useful. However you should first check with your local Rotary to find out about their application procedures.

If you need assistance you should contact your local Rotary Club.

Please be aware, although Rotary will consider all applications for financial aid from ISFiT19 participants, we cannot guarantee that they will provide financial aid to everyone that applies. 

What address, telephone and email of ISFiT should I provide for the visa application?

If requested, you can provide for your visa application the following contact information of ISFiT:

Phone number: +47 938 62 507


The ISFiT address is:

NTNU v/ISFiT Høgskoleringen 1 7034 Trondheim Trondelag Norway.

This is the address you should use on visa applications. We cannot provide specific addresses for the home that you will be placed in for your stay in Trondheim.

When will I know about my accommodation for ISFiT19?

You will be placed with a host family for your stay in Trondheim from the night of the 6th to the night of the 17th of February. The festival goes from the 7th to the 17th of February, so you will have accommodation for both the night before the festival starts, and the night of the final day.

We will finalize the placement in January.

If you need an address for your visa application please use the address provided under "What address, telephone and email of ISFiT should I provide for the visa application?".

What day should I arrive?

The opening ceremony of the festival will be in the evening of the 7th of February.

However, we require participants to arrive in Trondheim on the 6th of February. This is they day participants will be registered and placed in their accommodation.

If you arrive before the 6th of February, ISFiT cannot provide you with accommodation or assistance with getting into the city centre. If you must arrive after the 6th of February you should contact us on for details of what you should do when you arrive.

What is ISFiT Rail?

When the first ISFiT was held in Trondheim in 1990 many of the participants traveled  to Trondheim by train; The ISFiT-rail. Two trains left from different parts of Europe to meet in Denmark and travel the last stretch to Trondheim together, symbolising the coming-together of Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall. During the festival of 2017 ISFiT-rail was held once again. This time one hundred of the participants met in Oslo and traveled by train together to Trondheim, giving them a place to meet before the festival, and enjoy a train ride trough the magical Norwegian nature accompanied by musical performances.

For ISFIT2019 we are giving you the opportunity to apply to take part on ISFiT-rail 2019. During the 6 hour train ride trough the beautiful Norwegian winter scenery you will get the opportunity to meet other participants and get to know them in a laid back environment. There will also be entertainment, fun and games. In total, 185 participants that have applied for it will be chosen to be part of ISFiT-rail.

The train will leave Oslo airport Gardermoen at 2.29PM the 6th of February and arrives in Trondheim just before 9pm. You then will be taken from the train station to the registration at Samfundet where you will meet your hosts. It will be free of charge for all of the chosen participants for ISFiT rail.

If you are interested, be sure to apply to be part of ISFiT-rail by the 16th of November, here in the website. It is very important that you wait for the answer that you were chosen or not to be part of it to purchase your flight tickets. If you are chosen, be sure you will arrive in Gardemoen airport a few hours before ISFiT-rail leaves the train station.

The outcome of applications for ISFiT Rail have already been sent.

If you have not received an email, it means you were not chosen to be part of ISFiT Rail, and you will have to book your own journey all the way to Trondheim Wednesday the 6th of February 2019.

If you have been chosen to be part of ISFiT rail, it will be free of charge. However, the cost of your return trip from Trondheim will have to be covered by you. If you will return by plane, your transfer costs from Værnes Airport to Trondheim will be covered.


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